Stainless Steel Tubes, Pipes And Hallow Section As Per Relevant Standards

Stainless Steel Tubes, Pipes And Hallow Section As Per Relevant Standards

Available Grades

Conforming To ASTM. And Other International Standard

Also Manufacturers Of
Hollow Sections Such As Square, Rectangular, Elliptical, Circular & others as per Customer Requirement.



Elliptical Hollow Sections, Circular Hollow Sections

Automobile :  

Introduction & Scope:

Stainless steel tubes are used in all automotive exhaust systems for lightness and strength, improved mechanical properties, improved corrosion resistance at high temperature and appearance. There is no specification for these tubes but in general, ASTM-268 may be applicable which covers seamless or welded, ferriotic or martenstic SS tubing for general.


Majority of user are specifying AISI or SUS 409L Grade Material which is Titanium Stabilized Ferritic Grade. These tubes are also supplied in AISI 304 grade for better service life and appearance.

Size Range:

OD : 12.70mm to 76.20mm
Thick : 1.00mm to 2.00mm
Length : As per customer’s specification. Tolerances

OD : 12.7 to 38.1 Excl +/- 0.13mm
38.1 to 76.2 Excl +/- 0.25mm
Thickness : +/- 10 %
Straightness : 2mm in 1000mm
Length : -0mm/+3.0mm


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